I wanted to create a slider with mixed team members. So here I have used custom field as gender create two arrays for male and female members. Then I have created new array called $all_array to create an array what I need.


$all_array = array();
$female_array = array();
$male_array = array();

You may have face difficulties when you are trying to open a file which is encoded with base64 in a new tab. Here is the way to do it.

viewFile = (attachementBuffer) => {
if (attachementBuffer) {
let viewFile = this.getModalBodyContent(…

Theoretical backgrounds and justifications for selecting indices

To increase query performance it can be used indexes. Indexed views can increase query performance in the following ways.

Ø Aggregations can be pre-computed and stored in the index to minimize expensive computations during query execution.

Ø Tables can be pre-joined and the…


An agent is a small piece of application which appears when required and disappear once achieves the common goal.

Characteristics of Agent

  • An agent act on behalf user or another entity.
  • An agent has the weak agent characteristics. (Autonomy, Pro-activeness, Reactivity, Social ability)
  • An agent may have the strong…

There are twelve BIOS interrupts which are falling into five groups. They are as follows:v   Peripheral Devices ServicesDec        Hex              Use16            10        Video-display services19            13        Diskette services20            14        Communications services21            15        Cassette-tape services22            16        Standard keyboard services23            17        Printer servicesv   Equipment Status ServicesDec        Hex              Use17            11        Equipment-list service18            12        Memory-size servicev   Time/Date ServiceDec        Hex              Use26            1A        Time and date servicesv   Print-Screen ServiceDec        Hex              Use5             5         Print-screen servicev   Special ServicesDec        Hex              Use24            18        Activate ROM-BASIC language25            19        Activate bootstrap start-up routine

1. Defining a question and an action

question question_name
prompt text for question ;
input datatype [ ;
because explanation ] .
action action_name ;
do directive(s) .

Sample programming code from project
question Age
‘Enter Age of your plant (In Weeks)’ ;
input integer
because ‘Fertilizers are change according to the age of…


function validate_nic(nic) {

var cnic_no_regex = new RegExp('^[0-9+]{9}[vV|xX]$');
var new_cnic_no_regex = new RegExp('^[0-9+]{12}$');
if (nic.length == 10 && cnic_no_regex.test(nic)) {

} else if (nic.length == 12 && new_cnic_no_regex.test(nic)) {
} else {


  • The basic VCP(Vote Counting Processor) operations were identified.
  • ISA for above operations were designed.
  • Identified the basic inputs, outputs and the block diagram was sketched.
  • Identified sub units required for the VCP and written VHDL codes for those.
  • Simulated above sub units and errors were solved.
  • Build the main unit…

var sentence = "Sri Lanka is a beautiful country. Our country has  known as The Pearl of The Indian Ocean";
var input = sentence.substr(0, 20);
if (/\s$/.test(input) || /\.$/.test(input)) {
} else {
var lastSpace = input.lastIndexOf(' ',input);
var outPut = input.substr(0, lastSpace);


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